Garrett Kenny tells how you can think like an entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Book Cover

Fancy yourself as a budding entrepreneur? Then you can pick up some practical advice from Feltrim Group Chief Executive Garrett Kenny and other top business leaders in a new book.


The inspiring book, simply called Entrepreneur, which has just been published by Mithra Publishing, features sound advice and tips from Garrett and 27 other “inspiring business leaders who set the standard”.


Each chapter examines the problems that the experienced business leaders have confronted. It shares the insights they have gained while developing, managing, selling, buying, investing in and supervising their companies.


Garrett’s chapter is called The Entrepreneur’s Mindset, in which he discusses what makes an entrepreneur and reveals some of his own experiences in leading Central Florida real estate developer and agent, Feltrim Group. He illustrates his philosophy with examples from his career and provides tips to budding entrepreneurs.


Dealing with people and being able to think on your feet is essential for would-be business people, says Garrett. It’s often a battle of wits, but entrepreneurs have to be able to look at any deal a few moves down the chess board, as it is crucial in doing business at any level.


“Determination not to give up regardless of what challenge you face – and I’ve faced many – means there is always a solution as long as you believe in what you are doing. You need to also go with your instincts, learn from lessons and naturally have a bit of luck.


“I think entrepreneurship is a mindset. You can give people advice, tell them what to watch out for, and, some advice is very useful and can stay with you, but you can’t teach entrepreneurship. It’s something that is innate; it’s really about belief and determination, about creativity, about being able to spot opportunities and going for them. You don’t need to be intellectual, but you do need to be intelligent.”


The book explains how entrepreneurs see an opportunity which others do not fully recognize to meet an unsatisfied demand or to radically improve the performance of an existing business.  They have unquenchable self-belief that this opportunity can be made real through hard work, commitment and the adaptability to learn the lessons of the market along the way.

The Entrepreneur costs £20 (around US$32) and is available through Mithra Publishing.


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