Is the Force Re-awakening in Disney World?


Ever since Disney bought Lucasfilm and rights to the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas in 2012 for a reported $4 billion, speculation has run rife about how Disney will represent Star Wars in its small moon sized resort in Florida.

That’s no ride…its a complete experience

Disney inaugurated the Star Tours ride in its Disney parks back in the mid 80s. Since then it has been re-imagined and updated, but is still a standard simulator ride. So Star Wars fans are anxious to see whether Disney will expand on this, and new reconstruction near the Indiana Jones lot has got people speculating. Aside from Star Tours, Disney World’s Hollywood Studios will host a number of Star Wars weekends starting on May 15th, and running to mid-June, where the park is re-dressed with Star Wars themes with similarly themed parades, Jedi training sessions, Star Wars character interactions where you can cut to the left and chase an X-Wing pilot, see appearances by stars of the movies and more. And as the new Star Wars movie The Force Awakens will be released in December this promises to be its most popular series of Star Wars weekends yet.

The merchandise potential is strong with this one

Walt Disney himself may have shared many things in common with George Lucas, but one certainly was recognizing the potential of merchandizing. There wasn’t a kid who grew up in the 80s who didn’t have a Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker figure. And now if you visit the many stores and merchandizing stands that are situated throughout the Disney parks like clones, you’ll see on offer Jedi-dressed Mickey Mouse dolls, Empire-themed golf balls, Yoda Mickey Mouse style ear hats, and of course like any true Jedi consumer, the chance to construct your own new lightsaber.

Though some are speculating that Hollywood Studios will go beyond this and look to the future to build a mini Star Wars land, something on a par with the Harry Potter world in Universal, where guests can avail of multiple Star Wars themed rides or maybe even have a drink in the Mos Eisley Cantina or walk around Luke Skywalker’s home planet.

However what is confirmed is that the Disney Cruises will have a new Star Wars section on its popular Dream ship, and it will include a mock-up of Han Solo’s famous ship the Millennium Falcon. It may not look like much, but will have it where it counts. Re-imagining sections of Hollywood Studios may actually help the park compete better with its other more popular fellow Disney World parks. Currently, despite impressive numbers, Hollywood Studios is the least visited of the Disney World parks in Florida. So viewing the success of the Harry Potter world, will give people more reasons to visit.

These ARE the homes your looking for

Orlando as a destination is booming, and has recently outstripped New York as the most visited place in the United States, and now attracts over 60 million visitors annually. And vacation homes sales have risen in tandem, with Orlando now outstripping the rest of Florida in property sales. According to local real estate developer Garrett Kenny of the Feltrim Group; “Orlando is constantly re-inventing itself and updating and changing its theme parks. Having new Star Wars attraction or Harry Potter world, or a Marvel themed island gives people the ultimate real life experience for the movie, or series that they are interested in. And its not just the parks, Orlando offers the ultimate in golf, shopping, weather, you name it. People want to experience it again and again, and this is why many are buying homes here and keep coming here.”

So watch this space to see what level of Star Wars make-over Hollywood Studios will take.

For information on Star Wars Weekends visit the Disney World website:


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